The Acycle is a critical/analytical reading and action group that has been formed during the summer of 2011 in the city of Berlin.  Acycle seeks to negotiate and analyse the contemporary culture of sharing and cultural production of art and action.

Specific concerns in Acycle’s trajectory have been  anarco-communism, critical thinking, feminism, gender, intersectionality, post-colonial theory, queer studies, among some other unclassifiable opinions, experiences and affects.

Within the field of art and activism, the goal and practice of Acycle is to have and create discussions, text readings and read-outs, learning processes and generate projects from these meetings and readings.

To this day, Acycle has proposed around 10 theory text readings to an open group of members, combining a more stable core with a set of fluctuant participants. At the same time has fostered the exchange of influences and interpretation on those selected texts.
Acycle has also been invited to participate as an
active collective agent to the art festival Kokeellinen Tapahtuma in Pori, Finland, with the project Experimental Action and to the artist-run space Kor i Noor in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the project Intervention in 3 Acts.

Meanwhile, Acycle keeps on working as a self-learning group, continuing the collective readings and discussions. At the moment we are formulating a curatorial proposal involving the collective writing of a theatre play, involving different agents in its composition process.

Acycle was cofounded by artists and curators Vappu Jalonen and Clara López and has been and is Annika Högner, Paula Alamillo, Freja Bäckman, Benjamin,
Anita Chari, Lydia Hamann, Sara Harrison, Merja Hannikainen, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Johanna
Karlsson, Lucy Mckenna, Doireann O’Malley and Anna Zett.

Some of the voices we have been reading together have been Wendy Brown, Tiqqun, The Invisible Committee, Sara Ahmed, Hanna Arendt, Catherine Grant, Mary Ellen Solt, Hito Steyerl or Irit Rogoff.

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