We answers. Sorry for being late

We answers. Sorry for being late.


What is “we”?

– We depends on the situation.

– We of a position, we of a situation,

– We are the ones who would wage war saying we but becoming them by that instance.

– You and me.

– A desire community.

– We was then and now there is a new we to be spoken.

– We is often misused , alleged and obnoxious.

– We got together in the street, recognized ourselves without thinking.

– We are the love.

– We is an excluding term that entails a split from a them or you.

– We under those circumstances becomes a problematic nomenclature in its use of the mobilization of the alleged “we”, as it has been proved in many and diverse connoted international conflicts, to name an easy example.

– We has to do with sex, but that’s only noticed when the deviance is at stake.

What would “we” do?

– How we are to continue to resist?

– We reject war.

– We do magic, to turn the impossible into possible, to demarcate the new parameters of the visual. Re-stablish the rules of the game.

– We pretended to a nation of unshared values.

– We are pretended to get mobilized without having a place to go to.

– The organization part became problematic. Hierarchical structures are hard to avoid, though structure is necessary.

– We would discriminate you from us.

– Then we is “ghettoed”, perverted; inverted; excluding; self-absorbed ; vindictive.

we are attempts to cross borders, all kinds of, widespread, from below
and from inside blurred with the outside
reaching out in games
whose rules are never known
we are fluctuations in the force
and we glow in the dark

we are the desire to induce changes
with endless patience
and impatient rage

we’re sick but trying to get better
we fail at times
but we never die




‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’
– June Jordan.
We are a multitude of differences.We are a majority and a minority. We
are abject.We have been subjected and objectified. We are passive.We
are active. We are one, we are many.
We are struggling.
We are searching.
We are awakening.
We are Other.

We are not the lamb of god.

We will try to reveal the truth.
Personal truths.
Political, physical, metaphysical.
We will establish an other language.
Individual and Communal.
In order to express difference, anger, inequality,
resistance, truth, beauty, perseverance and




We is nothing.
We would do everything.

We is nothing.
We would do anything.




– ’we’ is a brief, temporary and very conditional perception

– but there is a ’we’, that at the same time as my blurry vision brings me confidence, calmness and a sense of belonging

– and in any extreme situation, i would express and devote myself to some primary ’we’, excluding others

– ’we’ is a powerful individual and unique experience, that can never be defined from the outside, not with ’them’.




we is a body at work with society
we is me using you using me
we can do us and others
we cannot really do things
because things are doing and being done by all kinds of things

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